Most US universities require admissions tests to assess students’ academic potential

The SAT and the ACT are the two standardized tests used by US universities to evaluate applications for undergraduate admission.

Both tests are multiple-choice and evaluate students’ logic and reasoning abilities by testing their core skills (grammar, reading, math, writing and data analysis). Getting the score you need on these tests requires preparation – and starting early is essential!

How we raise your SAT and ACT scores



Our tutors are selected by our Senior SAT/ACT Tutor, who has taught over 500 SAT/ACT students. Tutors receive regular training and take a real SAT or ACT once a year to make sure they are on top of any changes the tests’ content and structure.


Our lessons are tailored to each student’s needs and are highly effective at raising their scores. Tutors work with students to make a personalised plan that is monitored by our Senior Tutor. We offer both individual and group lessons.

Strategies & Techniques

In addition to content, our lessons cover strategies and techniques that are specific to the SAT and ACT. Our tutors actively their coach students to systematically and effectively execute these strategies on homework, practice tests and official tests.

Our materials 

Our SAT and ACT materials and test scoring platform are provided by A-List Education,
a US education company that helps over 30,000 students annually with their SAT and ACT preparation.

Should I take the SAT or the ACT?

Good question! Choosing the right exam for you is the first – and perhaps most important – step in your preparation.​

The SAT and ACT test the same content, but they have slightly different structures. Neither test is easier than the other,
but one test might be better suited for you. And for some students, the SAT or ACT will be more than just easier…
…it will be a perfect match for their learning styles and abilities.

 This is why choosing the right test for you is so important: it means you means you will already be at a comparative advantage when 
you start your test prep. So how do you know which test is better suited for you? Here is some information to help you decide.

We can also arrange for you to take free diagnostic tests to help you decide which test to take and plan your preparation.

We also offer preparation for the following admissions tests:

GRE – Graduate Record Examination​

TSA – Thinking Skills Assessment (Oxford University)

PAT – Physics Aptitude Test (Oxford University)

MAT – Mathematics Aptitude Test (Oxford University)

*Preparation for Cambridge University admissions tests for Swiss universities are available upon request