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Higher education specialists

We established Scientia because we believe that everyone’s educational journey should be enjoyable and fulfilling. We help students navigate the decisions and hurdles they face to ease and enhance their educational experience.​

Our approach to education is based on our own educational and teaching experiences. Our vision is to provide services that are tailored to the individual needs of each student – whether it is tutoring for specific subjects, crafting a compelling university application or developing a student’s academic writing skills. In doing so, we aim to prepare students for a rewarding higher educational experience.



Education is not a finite objective. It is an ongoing journey that builds skills, interests, character and connections.

Who we are

Ursula Durand

PH. D.

Ursula Durand holds a B.A. in Economics and Government from Cornell University, M.Phil. from the University of Oxford and Ph.D. from the London School of Economics. Her Ph.D. thesis was published by Palgrave Macmillan.​

Ursula is a professional SAT and ACT tutor and was Senior Tutor at A-List Education UK. Besides teaching privately, Ursula has taught a range of courses at the University of Texas at San Antonio and the London School of Economics. She has worked as managing editor at a renown London international relations think tank, has researched and written for the World Bank and Oxfam and helped establish and develop Peru’s first undergraduate political science department.

David Wahl

PH. D.

David Wahl holds an M.Phys. from the Imperial College London and D.Phil. in particle physics from the University of Oxford. He has published 20+ scientific papers and conference proceedings and has worked as a hedge fund quantitative and currency analyst.​

David has taught maths and sciences from the primary school to postgraduate level. He has helped students obtain international scholarships and postgraduate posts at prestigious universities and cofounded an organization that fosters academic exchanges among students at the top UK and French universities. David is a member of the Franco-British council and adviser to the Peruvian High Altitude Astronomy Laboratory.