Our tutors and advisors are like-minded individuals who share Scientia’s vision

We are not only experts in their subjects, but also enjoy sharing our knowledge and interests.

Together, we help students reach the next step in their educational journey and make the most of their educaitonal experience. 

Meet some of our tutors

Ursula Durand

Senior Academic Advisor, SAT/ACT Tutor & Writing Coach

I completed my B.A. at Cornell University in Economics and Government, M.Phil. at the University of Oxford and Ph.D. at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), where my research focused on contentious politics. I am currently Senior Lecturer at the University of Texas in the Political Science Department.

I have worked in education consulting for nearly ten years, guiding students through the transition from secondary school to university. Aside from supporting students through the university admissions process, I mentor them throughout their higher education journey (from the undergraduate to the doctoral level). I offer support ranging from academic guidance to in-depth academic writing coaching. My aim is to build students’ skills so that they can make the most of their academic experience, helping them learn to think critically, shape arguments and communicate their ideas at a higher level. My tutoring specialties include SAT/ACT, academic writing and politics (global politics, comparative politics, political theory, international relations).

David Wahl 

Senior Academic Advisor, STEM & Economics/Finance Tutor 

I completed my M.Phys. at the Imperial College London and D.Phil. in particle physics at the University of Oxford, where I researched new materials used for dark matter searches. 

I have taught maths and sciences from the secondary school to postgraduate level. I like to show students how they can reach the next level, whether they find mathematics challenging or are aspiring to be the next Isaac Newton. To do this, we spend time putting in place study techniques, understanding how maths/physics can be tackled in a systematic way and, of course, admiring how beautiful these subjects can be. In my spare time, I continue to help foster academic exchanges among students at the top UK and French universities. I also participate in occasional research projects applying mathematical techniques in physics, economics and biotechnology.


History, English Literature and Academic Writing Tutor

I’m currently an intern at the UN in Geneva, having recently completed my M.A. in Ancient History at Geneva University. Before that, I completed my B.A. in Classics at Cambridge University.

During both of my degrees, I focused on Roman imperialism and Latin epigraphy, but now I’m looking forward to exploring the League of Nations Archives during my internship. At Scientia, I teach History and English (Language and Literature), and I help with UCAS applications. I love tailoring my lessons’ content and style to fit my students’ individual needs.


STEM Tutor 

I am a full-time tutor at Scientia. After completing the IB in Geneva, I studied to obtain a master’s degree focused on Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology at EPFL.

Thanks to my subsequent professional experience in industry, I try to help my students create links between their current academics and potential real-world applications. My goal is not only to help my students reach their targets, but also to ensure that they fully understand the topic such that they will be able to build on that knowledge in a meaningful way in the future.


Economics and Maths Tutor

I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania and MBA at the University of Chicago. I am a current adjunct lecturer in economic analysis and economic policy at the university level – CREA/EBS-Geneva.

Aside from working with students on maths, I provide Scientia students with a strong foundation in micro and macro economics in order to best prepare them for their university education. I have had previous experience working in college admissions counselling and development and have seen first-hand the positive effect of having a coach and tutor can have on a student’s educational trajectory.  .


STEM Tutor
I support students of all ages and levels in Maths, Physics and IT. Whether helping students to overcome difficulties or training them to get the best grade, I set up the methods and coaching to ensure they reach their goals and the schools they desire. 

I obtained a Master’s degree in pure mathematics for research and another in mathematics for education before receiving the agréagation francaise de mathematiques. I have taught maths and computer science for secondary school and for the “classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles” in Paris. I am currently working on my Ph.D. in artificial intelligence and machine learning applied to astronomical data. I have been tutoring for 10 years and it is always a pleasure to see students satisfied with their progress.


Humanities and Language Tutor and Academic Coach

I completed my undergraduate at University College London. Pursuing a Postgraduate Certificate in Education to become a qualified teacher was the natural step for me: I had always helped students with their homework when I was at school.

At university I gave Spanish lessons to my classmates, and even outside of academic life I taught dance classes! At Scientia I teach humanities and languages with a focus on fostering curiosity for learning and teaching essential study skills needed to succeed in all walks of academic life. I also work with students that need support making academic goals, structuring their revision and keeping up with deadlines and assignments. 


STEM Tutor

I support students in Maths and Physics when I’m not working on my own Ph.D. research in Quantum Cryptography at the Physics Department of the University of Geneva – a place where I’m the one receiving support and encouragement.

I completed the IB at the British International School Puxi (Shanghai). Maths and Physics were among my favourite subjects – along with Economics and French! I especially enjoy teaching my subjects to IB students, because I have lived through the process: I also had a Maths tutor, and my father helped me with Physics. I personally have seen that hard work pays off! Guiding IB students and seeing their improvement inspires my everyday work.


English Language, Literature and Academic Writing Tutor

I specialise in tutoring IB English A and B, Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay, and the SAT Literature Subject Test – but my most important role lies in helping students learn how to learn.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in English and Creative Writing and a Masters in Victorian Literature, Art and Culture, both from Royal Holloway, University of London. Like many of the students I teach, I have an international background – born in Canada, raised in Switzerland, and educated at Campus des Nations, International School of Geneva. I love the written word, and hope I can share this passion with my students.


STEM Tutor

I completed my undergraduate degree in Physics at Los Andes University, Venezuela and carried out my thesis work at the Institute of Photonic Sciences in Barcelona, Spain.

I am currently a PhD student in Physics at UNIGE, where I study the mathematical aspects of black holes. As a Scientia Physics and Math tutor, I try to transmit knowledge in a structured manner, while encouraging the development of the student’s critical thinking skills. In doing so, I hope to have a lasting impact on the student’s approach to problems of all kinds.


STEM Tutor

I am an LGB alumna studying Psychology at the University of Geneva. I currently tutor middle school students in mathematics, and I am also proficient in Biology, Chemistry, English, French, and Geography.

I find it inspirational to work with younger students during such a crucial time in their academic development, to help them realise their capacities and reach their full potential. I cater my teaching approach to each student, encouraging a comfortable learning environment to enhance their overall learning abilities.


STEM Tutor

I studied Pharmacy and then Neuroscience at the University of Geneva. Passionate about science, I especially enjoy learning new things about the human body and the biological and psychological bridges between mind and body.

I started teaching Biology and Chemistry as a graduate student, helping my peers wrap their heads around the tedious parts of our curriculum. I loved doing it and proved to be good at it, so I continued with several high school and university students. Naturally social and extroverted, I strive to make every lesson interactive and enjoyable. No two students are alike, which makes every student a puzzle I enjoy tailoring my sessions to.