Building skills in core areas - maths, science, reading and writing - is key to improving academic performance. It also encourages students to think critically and communicate effectively - two important, transferable skills. 


Curious students are inquisitive and enjoy new experiences - traits that lead to deeper knowledge and broader horizons of interests. It is no surprise then that curiosity is a key predictor of academic achievement. 


Confident students shape their own success. They are self-motivated: they set high standards and believe they can achieve them. They are also adaptable: they embrace new and challenging situations. 

Our Approach

Skills. Curiosity. Confidence. These three elements lead to educational empowerment. 

Our educational journeys have had diverse settings: international & state secondary schools, US & UK universities, natural & social sciences, public & private institutions, academic & corporate professions. Each of these settings has presented challenges - and we have found that our ability to overcome these challenges consistently rested on our skills, curiosity and confidence. 


We aim to develop these elements in our students - not simply raise their grades or test scores. We appreciate that learning is not a clear-cut process but a complex process with several factors and interactions. 


Our tutors assess the learning process of each of their students and write a lesson plan tailored to their goals, abilities and learning styles. This assessment is systematic: students are continuously evaluated and lessons are modified accordingly. It is also effective: even a minor change can have a significant impact on a student's progress. 


Our personalized approach both challenges and motivates students. 


Ultimately, we believe it prepares them to make the most of their university experience and to face a wide array of academic, professional and even personal challenges.

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