The SAT and the ACT: What's the difference? 

The ACT has 4 sections






The SAT has 4 sections



 Math (no calculator)

Math (with calculator)

The English (ACT) and Writing/Language (SAT)

sections are essentially identical.

They test the same content and have the same structure.

The ACT’s Math section tests slightly more complex material, such as matrices.

The ACT Science section does not test science knowledge!


It tests your ability to read data from tables, figures and graphs.

Both tests have optional essay sections. The essays are different, but one is not necessarily harder than the other.


You should check to see if the universities you are applying

torequire you to take the essay section.

Both tests are very fast paced, but the SAT gives you more time per question across all sections.

No one knows you better than you know yourself, so you should have an idea of which test is better suited for you based on these differences. The best way to decide is to take a practice test so that you get a feel for each test. 

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