We offer revision courses throughout the year to prepare students for IB examinations


Content and strategy

When it comes to preparation for exams, students need to master two elements: content and strategy.

Our revision courses aim to cover all key content, whilst helping students to master key elements of exam strategy such as question analysis, question patterns, techniques to improve answer quality, timing and revision strategies.

The IB sets challenging papers. An early, structured revision plan can help students understand the level of knowledge expected from them.

Our revisions courses are held during the February, April and summer breaks. Registration information will be posted on this page. 

How this links to university

Acquiring a strong methodology for analysing questions and writing effective answers is a key step toward a fruitful time at university.

A solid foundation in exam strategy will help students approach their tertiary studies with confidence, and give them an extra boost to focus on acquiring knowledge in a systematic way.

How this links to what we do

Scientia aims to give students much more than a review of their courses’ content. 

By focusing on the techniques that lead to better learning and teaching students how to become independent in their studies, our revision courses complement the work we do with students throughout the year in their individual lessons. 

How we help students and families with the IB

The IB is an intensive study programme. From helping parents understand what is involved to setting students detailed revision schedules, our IB tutors can explain everything that the IB entails. The key is to plan early and anticipate the challenges that will come up along the way.