What is Scientia?

Scientia is the Latin word for knowledgeKnowledge is acquired through learning. Our tutors aim to reach beyond student learning. Why?

By supplementing learning with other elements – such as skills, curiosity and confidence – students can develop traits with broad and lasting impact.

Skills. Curiosity. Confidence.

Elements for educational empowerment

Our educational journeys have had diverse settings: public & private secondary schools, US & UK universities, natural & social sciences, academic & corporate professions.

Each setting has presented challenges – and we have found that our ability to overcome these challenges consistently rested on our skills, curiosity and confidence.

We aim to develop our students’ skills, curiosity and confidence. We appreciate that learning is not a clear-cut process but a complex process with several factors and interactions.


Our tutors assess the learning process of each student to tailor their lesson plan to their goals, abilities and learning styles. This assessment is systematic: students are continuously evaluated. It is also effective: even a minor change can have a significant impact on a student’s progress.

Our personalized approach both challenges and motivates students. Ultimately, we believe it prepares them to make the most of their university experience and to face a wide array of academic, professional and even personal challenges.


Building skills in core areas – maths, science, reading and writing – is key to improving and sustaining academic performance.


Curious students are inquisitive and enjoy new experiences – traits that lead to deeper knowledge and broader horizons of interests.


Confident students shape their own success. They are self-motivated: they set high standards and believe they can achieve them.