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Applying to university is a complex process, and it requires planning

Applying to university as an international student can seem overwhelming. The application proceedures can vary across countries and across universities, and each come with different deadlines and requirements.

Our first advice to students is to start planning the application process early. This involves meeting with your school counsellor to discuss your academic performance, researching potential universities of interest and developing a personal timeline.

Students (and parents) often require additional support, however – and this is where we can step in to help. Our team aims to relieve the stress of the application process, breaking it down into individual tasks and deadlines based on each student’s goals.

Whether you are applying to a US, UK or European university, we can help you navigate the admissions process with ease.

To start off on the right path, you’ll need to:


Research universities that are the right fit for you


Research the application procedures of different countries, universities and programs


Develop and demonstrate your academic interests


Develop and demonstrate your non-academic interests

Especially if applying to US universities ​


Reach your target SAT/ACT scores for US universities


Reach your target school exams scores


Fill in your applications forms


Write your personal statement and supplemental essays


Arrange to visit universities


Prepare for interviews

We can provide as much (or as little) support you may need during this process

Postgraduate specialist support

Scientia provides specialist support for postgraduate admissions across subject areas.

This includes working with an advisor to select the right program for you and develop a Master’s or Ph.D. research proposal.

All of our postgraduate university admissions advisors have a Ph.D. from a top US or UK institution.